Why baby photography is so important?

February 10, 2021

Why baby photography is so important?

Welcoming your brand new baby into the world is a joyous milestone in your life. Looking into your child’s eyes for the first time is a magical moment. The first years of your baby’s life are a whirlwind of growth: they put on pounds seemingly by the minute, they start to crawl and walk, they begin to speak and learn… One of your biggest wishes as a mum will be that you could freeze these moments in time with pictures to treasure forever.

mother in father on bed with their son posing for baby photography shoot

And that’s why baby photography is so important, because it grants that wish! Sure, you can take pictures with your phone but getting them done professionally can provide a more polished product you can frame, gift and cherish for years to come. Take a few steps to capture milestone events throughout the first year, and you’ll have well-lived keepsake photography that will always be a reminder of this special time in your child’s life.

5 reasons why baby photography is so important:

1. Heritage

In this digital age we take loads of photos with our phones. But when it comes to creating something tangible on our walls mobile photos are not that great for printing and enlarging. Having high resolution professionally edited images will make a lovely wall or album collection for your family history.

2. To avoid pain of regret

I’ve heard from many clients who were sad that they never took photos of their babies . One day your grandchildren will sit on your knees and you will pick up an album and go through the pages with them. This day will come- I promise.

3. It’s good for babies

Research shows that hanging family photos in the house are good for their mental development. Parental love gleaming down at them form the photos helps them to develop their identity, their place in their family.

4. Everyone wants to see your baba

Well this one will feed your ego. Prepare for your social network explosion! Just imagine the likes and hearts and good wishes you will get after posting those lovely baby photos. After the exhausting labour and first weeks of maternity this stream of positive energy can only be good for you.

5. Memory remains

Childhood is like a wedding. The next day you are left with two things: a husband and a bunch of photos. And they both are better be good ones. You baby will grow but you will always have those newborn pictures to fall back to.

The Byrne family in the park during baby photography session

My approach to baby photography


As a father of a wonderful girl (she is turning 20 now) I still vividly remember the first time I saw and held her, even her baby smell and the way she could fit snuggly in my hands. I wish I could have more baby photographs and video of that time. Now as a photographer I take it as a privilege to be invited for a newborn or baby photo session. For me this is the most emotional type of portrait session.

hands of father and mother wrapped around babies'' feet forming a heart

When it comes to newborn baby photography there are two types: classic posed ( babies are posed in all kinds of poses while they sleep) and lifestyle ( more natural way of shooting when the emphasis is more on the relationship and emotions between parents and their baby). There is no right or wrong and it is up to you which way you prefer. My approach to baby photography is unscripted documentary style. I will not pose your baby. I started photographing posed newborns but quickly diverted to storytelling and more relaxed way of doing it. I want to just photograph these babies as they are, yawning, curling up, stretching and of course sometimes crying. This is who they are and they are beautiful this way.

And please look beyond newborn photography! Don’t forget about how fast babies change. Newborns seem to be the same every day and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant process of growing up. Capturing these special moments throughout their first year is important. When you compare photos, you’ll be amazed at how much your baby has grown in a short time.

mother and father looking at their baby son at my baby photography session

mum playing with her son

baby photography photoshoot in Tullow, Co. Carlow

baby boy in his cot at photography session

Here is a lovely Irish magazine for mothers and babies:


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