Wexford’s dunes for a spiritual personal branding photography session

April 14, 2021

What is personal branding photography?

Personal branding photography is about making the first impression a great one. It’s about making your clients feel special when they think of your brand. Your images should resonate with your customers and convey the message you want them to hear. They should also fit in with the overall mood and feel of your business.


Gina Dunlevy is a Yoga Teacher and coach based in Wexford. She works through embodiment practices such as Yoga to allow students to connect to their body and connect to their spirits. Community is an essential healing structure, and Gina guides Cacao ceremonies allowing us to access our hearts with this ancient plant medicine. Gina also works intuitively with Reiki and coaching techniques to guide people to access and reawaken their spirits into a place of intentional living.

Gina Dunlevy walking through the dunes in Wexford

Curracloe beach and wood-Wexford’s iconic photography spot

Gina knew what she wanted. She had already envisioned herself connecting to Pachamama (Mother Earth) on sandy beaches of Curracloe and in the Raven wood. This Wexford spot is one of my favourite locations for family portraits. All she needed was me to wrap it all together in a storytelling branding photography session.

Yoga teacher performing a pose on the beach in Curracloe, wexford

Photographic paradise

I love Curracloe beaches and woods for a simple reason – I always bring home hundreds of images from it. It is one of the most versatile spots that I know. There are grassy dunes, sweeping beaches and dense old wood to choose from.

Gina demonstrated some amazing Yoga poses on the beach (hard to believe that a human being can do that) and then in the woods we had a cacao drinking ceremony. And it is not your Cadbury chocolate but the most energising drink I ever tasted. Experience in itself!

Gina’s branding photography was on the spot. Spiritual, connected – her message was very clear.

Yoga teacher posing on branding photo session in Wexford

Yoga teacher with cup of cacao by the lake  on branding photo session in Wexford

Yoga teacher posing in sand dunes on branding photo session in Wexford

Yoga teacher in lotus pose on branding photo session in Raven wood, wexford

Yoga teacher lighting sage stick on branding photo session in Wexford

Yoga teacher drinking cacao on branding photo session in Curracloe forest

Yoga teacher with the dog on branding photo session in Wexford

What would be your personal branding message?

Would it be professional and reliable? Or funny and easygoing? Or maybe like Gina’s-spiritual and organic?

Bottom line: branding photography session does not need to be a boring portrait on a white background. It can be anything you want it to be.


Check out my Instagram branding photography session I did for lovely Tamara.


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