Wedding anniversary photography in Connemara

March 9, 2022

On a sunny August day, I set out to the Connemara mountains for a wedding anniversary photography session with two incredible people. Reda and Kiastas celebrated 30 years together. They chose the most spectacular place in the west of Ireland for this special day. Connemara is one of those places where I get beautiful light and a gorgeous backdrop for outdoor sessions. In any season, at any time of the day. We drove straight to Inagh Valley, where we stopped here and there to take photos. 

I don’t believe for a second that wedding anniversary photography must be posy or contrived. We celebrated this couple’s free spirit at Connemara and it was so organic. They embraced each other and really enjoyed the shoot. We started on a sun-baked path in the woods and then moved on to a quick session near a lake at the side of the road. The light was unbelievably beautiful with the mountain as the backdrop.

The West of Ireland can be capricious with the weather and I felt truly blessed to get away with many stunning shots. Reda and Kiastas got some lovely photo prints. Connemara-wedding photographer’s paradise!

Couple is walking along Connemara paths during wedding anniversary photography session
Husband and wife enjoy their time during wedding anniversary photography session in Connemara
Husband twirls his wife around for a photo at their wedding anniversary photography session in Connemara mountains
A lady kisses her husband celebrating their 30 years together on a photoshoot in Connemara
A wife hugs her husband from behind,posing for a photo
A husband picks his wife up on a path in Connemara photo session
A woman is walking on the road during her wedding anniversary photosession in Connemara
A wife is leaning onto her husband smiling at the camera
Wife and her husband dancing on the road in Connemara
Husband and wife kiss each other at the side of the lake at their wedding anniversary session in Connemara
A man is holding his wife gently while posing fo a photo for their wedding anniversary

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