To the parent whose children are growing up way too fast

Jun 14, 2020

family house from videography session with ratkunai family

Life goes by fast. It is both hard and beautiful. No doubts, parenting brings with it some of the hardest days. I get it. The childbirth, relentless exhaustion of the first year, sleepless nights and emergency rooms…

But with  difficulties comes goodness. The belly laughs, first steps, first day in playschool… And moments. So many fleeting moments that make you smile. Kids growing up fast. They’re changing everyday. Sometimes you just want to hold your little one tight and whisper: “Stop. Stop growing up so fast.”

You wish you could press “Pause” and relive these moments again and again.

Imagine if you could go back to your own childhood for a minute? To see your childhood home, your mum and dad. To hear their voices and cuddle your cat, that furniture scratching furry sidekick? To relive the moments again. Not the weddings or first days in school. But everyday life moments, small little things that made up your childhood.

And now imagine that you could capture those fleeting moments of YOUR own family. And watch them over and over again? Or create a documentary for you children to look back at when they grow up?

A FAMILY FILM session is a video of your family living life together. The unique chance to hear their tiny voices and laughter, to see the dancing and frolicking again and again. I create emotive family film keepsakes that show the authentic beauty in your daily life. Moving moments you’ll never want to stop watching. All you need to do is be together and be yourselves! You don’t have to look at me. No cheesy smiles.

The only rule is that you DON’T look at me.Keep on doing what you’re doing.

I see you. And I will save it forever.

Below is a family film I created for the Rutkunai family. This is what Inga says about her experience:

“I have to say a massive thanks to Vladimir for such an excellent job he did. We had fun through all the filming. It was a great experience. He had thought about the smallest details, we are so happy to have this video done ?. Highly recommend to get it done you will have a fun day and memories for the rest of your life.”


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