10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Instagram

May 28, 2020

Instagram, a platform designed for eye-catching content is getting increasingly important for brands and individuals. If you want more dates, a better career, or recognised as an influencer, you should hire a professional photographer to boost your Instagram status.

To be professional we need to look professional. As a photographer let me tell you that look matters even though it really shouldn’t. Denying that people judge the book by its cover, in my opinion, is just foolish.

We naturally gravitate towards attractive people and things, it is just in our DNA. With social media ruling the world it becomes even more clear that looks matter for everything. The power that a good social media presence can give you is insane.

And i am not talking about models. Even if you are writer you must recognize that people are visual creatures. These days, words alone are not enough to make a writer famous.

You need to be able to be an influencer. You need to captivate your audience, get them to relate to you, and also get them to relate to the topics you write about.

The most successful people on Instagram cultivate an attractive, professional and adventurous look. It makes sense; it shows they have a lot to offer.

Photographer knows your best angles and best lighting for you to get flattering portraits. Professional looking photos mean that you mean business. It shows people that you are working towards something—and that you demand a certain level of respect.

Tamara needed a lovely professional looking Instagram grid. Together we chose an easy forest walk on the outskirts of Wexford. loose and informal this resulted in lovely and clean grid with greenish vintage tone. Happy days 🙂