Snow white family portraits

February 25, 2020

Bad weather? That’s ‘snow’ problem.  With snow likely on the horizon, are your family portraits more ‘slush’ than lush?

It’s true that snow is not often associated with happy family photos here in Ireland. Every time there is a little flurry of snowflakes, it usually only means one thing – DISASTER!

This doesn’t have to be the case.

A few years back I was on holiday in Moldova and I got the chance to photograph this beautiful family.

It was an unusually snowy winter in Moldova and we headed out to the local park to make the most of this winter wonderland setting.

However, snow photography can be a little bit tricky. To make things even more challenging for myself I decided to use my film camera and not my DSLR (digital). 

Without having proper portrait film with me, I decided to use Kodak Ektar. This film mostly associated with landscape rather than family portraits. It tends to create very saturated colours and I thought adding a little extra colour to the monotone setting of the snowy park would be nice. 

The end result was great. Happy kids having a wonderful time throwing snowballs and flying down the hills on their sleigh.

The portraits came out very bright and lively! Just as I hoped!

Snow is fun!

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