Pawsome wedding | intimate micro wedding photography | Enniscorthy, Wexford

September 4, 2021

We can blame Covid-19 for many things, but for one thing, I am cautiously grateful. The pandemic gave us a chance to slow down and reflect on what we really value. With the wave of restrictions, Irish wedding industry has been turned upside down. While many couples have rescheduled and delayed their weddings, others have embraced smaller ceremonies and out of pandemic, a surprisingly beautiful trend is growing day by day-a micro wedding. I shot three of these last month, and I love them! And I think micro wedding photography is a true art form.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro marriage ceremony is an intimate affair, mostly no more than 20 guests — close family members and a select few friends. They still have all the features of the time — honoured tradition but on a much smaller scale with a more relaxed vibe. I personally prefer the term intimate.

The benefits of an intimate wedding.

A smaller guest list means less work, fewer opinions and people to please, less budget and more options in terms of where to celebrate. What’s not to like about a smaller wedding?
And what about stress? Micro weddings should enable a stressless experience where wedding planning becomes fun. I believe that a small, intimate wedding opens up a possibility to get really creative. Throw out the rules book!

Meet Shona and Valéry.

I knew that we were going to have a fun session when I met this couple. There was something childish yet cool about these two. They wanted their micro wedding photography to be easy and fun. With such a small guest list, we could concentrate on what was the most important to them. And it turned out that Harley, their dog, would like to be at the celebrations too! Sure, why not?

Enniscorthy castle registry office- minutes before micro wedding ceremony

As their registry office, Shona and Valéry chose Enniscorthy Castle.

A dog lying on the floor of enniscorthy castle during wedding ceremony

An ideal spot for a small, intimate ceremony, and animal – friendly too.

Wedding rings on a vynil- a part of decoaration for a micro wedding photography session

The old vinyl needed a bit of a weight to play:)

a groom puts a wedding ring on bride's finger in Enniscorthy castle micro wedding photography
bride places her signature during registration ceremony in Enniscorthy castle, Wexford.
Bride and groom pose for a micro wedding photography on the roof of Enniscorty castle
Happy groom embrases his new wife during intimate wedding ceremony in Enniscorthy, Wexford

They even let us up on the roof- well done Enniscorthy Castle!

Newly-weds on the street of Enniscorthy

The minute I saw this street, I knew we would take a few shots there.

a groom kisses bride on the street of Enniscorthy, Wexford
a bride, a groom, their son and a dog posing for a micro wedding photography session
bride looks in her new husband's eyes in Enniscorthy town centre

Photos by the river Slaney are always spectacular.

a bride, a groom petting their dog
Happy groom jumps in the air for a photo.
Beautiful bride in white dress and bouquet of flowers is posing for a photo.
Bride and groom giving each other a hip bump during micro wedding photography session
bride tosses her flower bouquet to the dog

Toss the flowers to the dog- why not?

Bride is riding a sling during a photo session in Ennisorthy
Bride in white dress embrases her husband in Enniscorthy, Wexford
groom raises his bride on the path in the park

When I research a location, I try to find as many spots as I can. Here we only had a stroll along the Riverside hotel in the park, but it looks like we havve ben to many places:)

Groom put a shoe on the foot of his bride posing for a micro wedding photography in Wexford
Bride and groom are reaching out to each other on the bridge
man is kissing a woman on their wedding day.

Here is the link to Shona & Valéry intimate wedding photography slideshow:

Intimate micro ceremonies are here to stay, and I like the way our wedding industry is going. As a photographer, I fit in more organically with smaller Big days. I can deliver more artistic and creative micro wedding photography and couples can give more time to themselves and value what is most important to them.

Are you looking for a photographer for your intimate ceremony?

Let me know what’s your idea for a small Big day 🙂