Outdoor family photography | Wexford| Forth Mountain

August 13, 2021

Outdoor family photography sessions are a great way to capture the natural light and candid moments of your children. Exploring the great outdoors together makes for unique and delicate family photos.

Why Forth Mountain?

When it comes to a family photoshoot in Wexford, – one of the winning locations is Johnstown castle. And it is understandable. This historic park is a photographic paradise, plus it is easy to reach, has ample parking, and is sheltered from wind and rain.The only downside? The new management has made the prices absolutely ridiculous!

This made me think about other interesting family photo locations. I love running and one of my favourite running trails is The Forth mountain with its beautifully rugged Irish terrain. So I was thinking that it would be so cool to take family photos at the Drooping Rock on The Forth Mountain, but I was hesitant to drag little kiddies up the hill as it required a 10-minute hike.

Meet the Staffords — perfect clients for candid family photography.

To test this challenging location, I had to find an easy – going and adventurous family. And I found them – The Staffords! I realized it was an ideal family when Annie submitted the questionnaire. Easy and chilled parents and kids love going and walking.. We started late in the day. I was hoping for some golden hour shots. A family group photo for a warm-up.

Carrigfoyle Lake for an outdoor family photography

This was a quarry years ago and Wexford County Council developed it into a lovely walking trail – thumbs up County Council! We started by walking around the lake, taking photos here and there.

Time was heading towards the golden hour. The soft light of the setting sun produced the best colours for a family photo.

The sun was setting, and we made a quick hike towards the Drooping rock. The view there was just spectacular. Hard to beat! Soft light was ideal for an outdoor family photoshoot. Games, fun and laughter all over again.

One of my favourite games- get the parents to throw the blanket in the air and let kids run under it as fast as they can without the blanket touching them- epic photos guaranteed:)

And now my question to you!

I love going to the park for photos, but sometimes it’s just too easy. You’re sitting there and bam! You’ve got all these great photo for you. But don’t settle for that. Put on your walking shoes and get some fresh air. I promise you, the results will be worth it.

Would you be willing to hike up and down the mountain to get some epic photos of your family? Let me know in the comments below!

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