Newborn Twins Photography Co. Kilkenny

February 13, 2022

During this newborn photography session in Kilkenny county, I could not stop admiring this lovely family. There was something graceful and calm about the way both Brigid and Paul dealt with their babies. Two hours of love, care and tenderness. Patrick and Molly, two – month old baby twins, were so cute, so similar yet such different personalities. When Patrick started to cry-Molly immediately turned his solo into a duet.

The house was lovely and airy with lots of windows, giving me so many spots to take photos. I love taking newborn photos in their home. Many years from now, they will enjoy peeking back at their baby photos and soaking up all the love they were surrounded with.

 Looking after baby twins is a whirlwind, but in between the moments of busy were some truly beautiful moments of love.  I wanted my photos to capture this… 

Here is what this lovely Kilkenny family says about their experience with me:

“We could not recommend Vladimir highly enough. His attention, communication and skills throughout the whole process were excellent. My wife and I were a little apprehensive over having a newborn photography session in our Kilkenny house and about the actual photo shoot itself, given the unpredictability of two 7-week-old babies! However, Vladimir put us all at ease straight away. He was extremely patient as we tried to get all the photos we wanted and some great shots that Vladimir thought of too. Not once in the few hours during the photo shoot did Vladimir make us feel in any way that we “were on the clock”. In fact, he did the exact opposite and allowed us time to feed and settle the babies. We were able to enjoy the experience without feeling any pressure.

The quality of the photos is outstanding, and we will treasure them for many years to come.”

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