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the byrne family


Kids are a blessing. There’s no denying that. But some kids are extra blessed because they take more time to arrive.

Dani and Martin are a lovely couple living in Tullow, county Carlow. For this family the arrival of little Dean was a very special moment. After 8 years of infertility struggle and several treatments with IVF they finally had their little family complete. Time was right to document this little tribe by making a family film for them.

the patrzalek family


I love my job ! Every time I am invited to create a Family film is like magic- each family is so different! Their vibe, energy , tempo. There is something so gracious and warm about Patrzalek family and their two girls are so cute!

We started making a family film in their home and then headed off to Rosslare beach.

Beautiful session. Lovely family

the wickham family


I first saw Abbey on her mom's Instagram speaking for race equality in both Spanish and English. I thought: Wow! What an outspoken child! She was so strong in her message! Better than any adult would be.

When i was making their family film i thought it would be a good idea to create this movie from Abbey's perspective not mine. I think her voice added an extra layer of value to this family keepsake.

A day in the life of Eva

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the ratkunai family

pets are family too

the tihomirov family