Sometimes our childhood memories come back without warning. We remember things like our parents and house, but also all of the times we played with our four-legged friends.

Irish people love their pets!😻 Statistically over 60% of our families have a dog or a cat. Pets are often considered family members. They share special moments with us, and we treat them like our children or loved ones. We celebrate their birthdays and rejoice whenever they achieve a milestone. We constantly take photos of them! Now we can bring our love of pets to the whole new level with videography.

Does your pet deserve to be on camera?

One of the beautiful side effects of family short films is that they have pets in them too 🙂

During my videography sessions I often see pets in the house. They run around with kids adding chaos to the scene. And they always add a layer of unique charisma to the family home. While editing, I always notice that the most emotive and warm moments are those where kids interact with animals. It is a beautiful thing to witness the bond a child and pet can have.

What is the Family film?

Family film is an emotive documentary that preserves the very essence of your family.It lasts only four to five minutes and is lovingly edited with songs hand-picked by the filmmaker. These movies are a great way to bottle up your memories. And if you are a pet lover like me, wouldn’t you love to include your pet into this family keepsake?  I bet you would!

The Ratkunai Family.

This lively family lives near New Ross, Co. Wexford in picturesque part of the county near JFK Arboretum. Inga, the mum and the creative powerhouse of the family knows me for years. She asked if I could do some videography in their house to capture her kids and the passion of her life- French Bulldogs.

I grabbed my camera  and headed out to them on a lovely spring day. The minute I walked in I was surrounded with Frenchies- I think they have at least 5 of them! Everywhere I went I was followed by noisy snoring, barking creatures with big heads and short legs.What a lovely session! 

Watch their family film

This is what I do for you.

Through pictures and family films, I help take you back in time to feel your children’s warmth, recall the scents of their skin, and hear their laughter. And also to look back again at your beloved pets.

If a family videography session involving pets sounds like something that would fit your family, get in touch. I’d love to do this with your tribe…