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The outbreak of Coronavirus makes drastic changes to our lifestyle. Suddenly we realise how vulnerable we are, ‘especially how vulnerable our parents can be. It makes us all, or at least me just a little bit more sentimental, sensitive and… responsible. I often hear that the age of professional family photographer has ended, and that photography itself has lost its value as everyone can take a decent image with a smartphone.

Partially  it is true and we can see a big drop in digital camera sales due to smartphones.But as I browse through the photos of families I have photographed over the years, this one photo session suddenly stood out. I did a family photo shoot in the Irish National Heritage Park, Wexford where the extended family flocked together to celebrate a mother’s anniversary.  Her son flew all the way from America for a big surprise. It was a beautiful, lively photo session  that I really enjoyed.

But tragically he died soon after  from terminal illness and this photo session is the last time they were happy together. This is what Alla, his sister, recently  wrote to me :

“Life is unpredictable and nobody knows where it ends. I am really happy that we managed to get that photo session with you, Vladimir. Our mum wanted to have photos of all of us together. At that moment we were all so happy ! We laughed non stop and had a lovely walk around the park. We lost our brother unexpectedly but  photos are so valuable now. These memories will stay with us forever.”

Thank God I don’t get such letters from my clients very often but reading them  makes me feel that I do something right.

Stay safe, look after your families and enjoy every moment with them.

Happy family photographed in heritage park, Wexford,Co. Wexford



Engagement photo session

Engagement photo session

If you are about to say YES to the dress, why not say hi to a photographer.
Once in a lifetime (we hope) moments like getting engaged are something that need to be picture-perfect and preserved.
Doing an engagement photo session with your partner before your wedding day has many benefits.
Let me explain.

Snow white  family portraits

Snow white family portraits

With snow likely on the horizon, are your family photographs more ‘slush’ than lush?It’s true that snow is not often associated with happy family photos here in Ireland. Every time there is a little flurry of snowflakes, it usually only means one thing – DISASTER!
This doesn’t have to be the case.