Baby photography / videography session in county Carlow – a Win Win.

May 10, 2021

Baby photography is special

 I take it as a privilege to be invited for a newborn or baby photography session. For me this is the most emotional type of photographic art.

I am a goody good dad. When my daughter Valerie was a baby I have always been at ease changing her dirty nappies, bathing and feeding her, cradling her to sleep. Photo shoots like these bring back sweetest memories of that time. 

I think families nowadays are bombarded with Instagram picture perfect reality. Babies posed sleeping in baskets or hanging from branches in birds nest…

Don’t get me wrong – some photographers do it masterfully and I respect the art of it! But every time I look at photos like this, I think:

-photos by design meant to last for generations. Imagine that many years from now, children of your baby will have found an old photo album in the attic.

Scenario one:

baby posed ina basket on baby photography session

They see their mum or dad sleeping as baby in the basket.

Scenario two:

They see their mum or dad in the arms of their parents, surrounded by love and warmth and the background is their own home.

Which of these two will touch their hearts?

The Byrne’s family

Kids are a blessing. There’s no denying that. But some kids are extra blessed because they take more time to arrive.

Dani and Martin are a lovely couple living in Tullow, county Carlow. For this family the arrival of little Dean was a very special moment. After 8 years of infertility struggle and several treatments with IVF they finally had their little family complete. Time was right to document this little tribe.


Photo / Video Fusion

When I ask families to choose between photography and videography sessions many instinctively choose photo. Videography sounds new and weird. We all take lots of video clips on our phones and that’s great! But the truth is, we forget one person whenever we do – mum or dad (whichever one is holding the phone).

A photo captures a great moment and allows you to look back on it in the future. A video, on the other hand, captures sound and movements, creating memories that evoke laughter or bring a tear to your eye.

With the Family Film session I fuse Photos and Videos together into one seamless, easy and unposed gig.



Putting it all together

When I arrived at Dani’s house, Dean looked a little tense. He was not himself that day. For a baby of 2½ months old, he was very sensitive to my camera movements. He followed them with a solemn and grown-up expression. Good that my camera had a silent mode and I could proceed without stressing him out.

I always reassure parents not to worry about their child being not in the mood or a little weary. Life is not scripted. It is raw, real and messy. Sometimes babies behave in ways that are unexpected, but they are still very cute. I embrace it. For me this makes every session so unique! Each family has its own energy and I try to capture that when I edit Family film by adding a soundtrack that suits the family’s vibe.

Tullow is a charming town in County Carlow and after the home session we went for a stroll. A wonderful fall day in Ireland is a rare thing, so we were lucky to enjoy a crisp, sunny afternoon.

We ended up with more than ninety lovely photos and lovely touching film.