Hey there I’m Vladimir 


Forest running, cookery loving, father-of-one from the sunny South East.

I could start with award-winning this and award-winning that but in fairness who cares?  Yes I have a few, but that’s not the point.

Unlike many portrait photographers I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands. In fact most of my life I’ve been working as a dental technician. Photography hit me late like a midlife crisis. Boy what a crisis it is! I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Home is where my heart is

Born in Russia I was a happy little Soviet boy. As a teenager I witnessed a great empire collapse in front of my eyes. This got me on the move and I discovered a lovely and friendly little country at the edge of Europe. Since then Ireland has been my home. Together with my wife Inna we have built a new nest with our young daughter Valerie.


I believe that…

Every family has a story to tell.

Ours is a story of change, settling down in new places, discovering new people and cultures, adapting, growing, missing our parents,  dreaming big, nurturing our little girl.

I translate it into my photography. Having watched my own child grow up in the blink of an eye, I know first-hand how important photographs of each fleeting stage can be.

When I’m not taking pictures…









Be it a family walk in the forest, creative studio portrait or a beautiful wedding i will tell your story in a relaxed and easy way.

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Do we need a family photographer today?

Do we need a family photographer today?

I often hear that the age of professional
family photographers has ended, and that photography itself has lost its value as everyone can take a decent image with a smartphone.
Partially it is true…

Engagement photo session

Engagement photo session

If you are about to say YES to the dress, why not say hi to a photographer.
Once in a lifetime (we hope) moments like getting engaged are something that need to be picture-perfect and preserved.
Doing an engagement photo session with your partner before your wedding day has many benefits.
Let me explain.

Snow white  family portraits

Snow white family portraits

With snow likely on the horizon, are your family photographs more ‘slush’ than lush?It’s true that snow is not often associated with happy family photos here in Ireland. Every time there is a little flurry of snowflakes, it usually only means one thing – DISASTER!
This doesn’t have to be the case.