Hey there I’m Vladimir 


Forest running, cookery loving, father-of-one from the sunny South East.

I could start with award-winning this and award-winning that but in fairness who cares?  Yes I have a few, but that’s not the point.

Unlike many portrait photographers I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands. In fact most of my life I’ve been working as a dental technician. Photography hit me late like a midlife crisis. Boy what a crisis it is! I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Home is where my heart is

Born in Russia I was a happy little Soviet boy. As a teenager I witnessed a great empire collapse in front of my eyes. This got me on the move and I discovered a lovely and friendly little country at the edge of Europe. Since then Ireland has been my home. Together with my wife Inna we have built a new nest with our young daughter Valerie.


I believe that…

Every family has a story to tell.

Ours is a story of change, settling down in new places, discovering new people and cultures, adapting, growing, missing our parents,  dreaming big, nurturing our little girl.

I translate it into my photography. Having watched my own child grow up in the blink of an eye, I know first-hand how important photographs of each fleeting stage can be.

When I’m not taking pictures…









Be it a family walk in the forest, creative studio portrait or a beautiful wedding i will tell your story in a relaxed and easy way.

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